Yarn Substitution ? - I think I'm having a panic attack

Newb to the forum so if this is in the wrong spot please move.

Okay, so here’s the issue. I’m knitting a shawl that calls for one skein of Handmaiden Sea Silk
[438 yd/100g hank, Gauge: 28 sts per 4 inches on US2 (3mm) needles]
and I’m substituting Knit Picks Shimmer
[440 yards/50 gram hank, Gauge: unknown but it is lace weight]

Am I doomed? Will I need additional yarn (the yarn I’m using is being clearanced out, hence the panic attack)?
The project calls for US9 needles but to get the correct gauge I’m having to take it down to US7, but I’m a tight knitter.

Oh the panic! This is my first lace project and I just want to get it right.

Can you do a swatch and check the gauge (using the gauge given on the label/band) of the sustituted yarn and see if it’s the same? That’s the only way I’d know to tell for sure…I mean, yardage-wise it looks OK, but if the gauge isn’t there, that doesn’t mean squat.
Maybe someone more experienced than me can give you a better tip…I just know if it’s something important (not that any knitting is unimportant, but with throws, blankets, dishcloths, etc. it doesn’t matter near as much) I definitely do a gauge swatch to see if I need to adjust needle size, yarn needed, etc.
Good luck!!!

Have you cast on extra stitches to keep the overall size of the shawl the same? If you have I would say you should pick up some more yarn. If you are getting the same gauge in your swatch with a finer yarn and smaller needles then maybe not, but it sure seems as though you would need at a least a partial second skein.

What’s the pattern gauge? I have a sample of KP’s shadow (another laceweight) that I did on 9s and I’m getting about 4st/inch - I’m a medium to loose knitter, if that helps.

Well I took a deep breath and plunged into the project (Magknits Blossom shawl). I had to take it down to to US6 needles to get the look I liked, it’s still falling within the gauge given on the pattern so I think I’m going to be okay. It’s a shawl so gauge isn’t as horribly important as say a sock.

I didn’t add extra stitches but I’ll keep that in mind as I start over (dropped a stitch on a decrease and the darn thing unraveled right after I had moved my life line too, sigh).

I’m beginning to think that lace knitting is for the masochistic. Heh, a craft after my heart. :inlove:

Thanks for all the help.