Yarn substitution help, please!

Hi everyone! I have a pattern for an incredible afghan I would love to knit, but the yarn called for would be prohibitively expensive to use. It is Nature Spun Worsted gauge: 20 sts, 24 rows for 4" on 4.5 mm circular needle. I found a site that listed substitute yarns, but none are any cheaper or readily available. Does anyone know if there’s an equivalent Yarn Bee yarn at Hobby Lobby? I’d love to work on this afghan during a road trip that starts next week, so there’s no time for me to order online and receive it beforehand. Appreciate any help!

Are you looking for superwash wool, or are you wanting to use an acrylic?

I would prefer a wool, or at least a wool blend.

I would prefer wool, or at least a wool blend.

Hi and welcome to KH!

For something like an afghan size isn’t critical since it doesn’t have to “fit”. So IMO any yarn that is labeled with a 4, is worsted and is about 5sts per inch is fine. Just find a yarn you like that fits in that general category and you’re good to go. There are lots of choices. I often use Plymouth Encore for worsted weight wool blend. It’s in yarn stores or online.

Keep in mind…if you go for wool/animal fiber remember that most wool needs to be hand washed and laid flat to dry. This could be a big chore for an afghan. So you might choose superwash wool or a wool blend that says it’s washable on the label.

Thanks. Appreciate the info.

What everyone else said. If you can handle wool, Plymouth Encore is nice. Cascade 220 superwash will work too, though to me, it feels thinner than some worsted. Both come in a very wide range of colors, though with the 220 you do have to be careful not to mix regular and superwash–they look exactly the same but for a small mention on the label and people mix them up in the bins.