Yarn Substitution Help (New at this)

Hi everyone! While I’m working on my first pair of socks, I thought that I’d think about my next project so I can find yarn at a decent price. (Basically, anything cheap because I’m broke (my rent is more than my parents house payment–that’s Southern CA life)). I probably shouldn’t have gotten involved in knitting cause I can’t afford it! :rofling:

Anyways, I’m wanting to make this as my first garment because it seems fairly easy:

Here’s the pattern http://www.knittingpatterncentral.com/patterns/alluring_halter_top.php

Anyways, the yarn is by Southwest Trading Company, their Illusion yarn. When I go to YarnDex, the description is this:
BrandSouth West Trading Company [www] DistributorSouth West Trading Company
Yardage480 yds. Weight100g Yrn Weight Worsted Fiber Content Plant Fiber , Nylon Texture Ribbon Gauge (st. /4 in.)20 Needle Size(s) 10 US (6mm) Availability Discontinued Fall 2004 MSRP$16.00 Care

Well, considering it’s been discontinued in the Fall of 2004, and the price is $16.00 ea, I’m in trouble.

I’m wondering if anyone could help me find a different yarn, similar to this, but that isn’t too sheer because as it’s a halter, I’d like to try and wear it without dealing with the hassles of a strapless bra, but I don’t want to have to “worry” either (ladies, you understand) :teehee:

If anyone could give me suggestions on a yarn that’s similar, at preferably a cheaper price, I’d greatly appreciate it!


You could try Lion’s CottonEase. It’s a cotton/acrylic blend that’s worsted and inexpensive. Knits up very nice.

You might want to stick with a ribbon yarn, to get as close to the specified yarn texture as possible.

A good option might be Berocco Bonsai, a bamboo/nylon worsted weight ribbon. http://www.handknitting.com/Yarn/Natural-Fiber-Yarn/berroco-bonsai-bamboo-yarn

At $5.71/50 grams, it’s slightly cheaper than the original ($11.42/100g).


For that pattern I think you’d be pretty safe with any worsted weight. It doesn’t look like the ribbon yarn is necessarily adding anything to the design :shrug: Just get something you can afford that feels good in a similar gauge.

You might look at Plymouth Yarn “bella color” I got mine from yarngirls.com. At $1.99 for 50 gram ball, it’s very affordable.Ellie:p

opps, I guess yarngirls is their e-mail address the contact address? is discontinuedbrandnameyarns.com. sorry for the mixup Ellie

They also carry ribbon yarn if you want to stick with that.

smileys has bernat ribbon for $1.99/skein. I’ve used it and its rather nice.


oops. screwed up the link. Try this and check the $1.99 yarns.

The yardage of the original yarn showed 480. That’s ALOT more than some of the yarns suggested. Just an FYI. It may not be as inexpensive a project if you have to buy lots of it!:muah: