Yarn Substitution for a Drops Design

I found a Drops pattern that I would really like to make 107-26 http://garnstudio.com/lang/en/visoppskrift.php?d_nr=107&d_id=26&lang=us I am trying to figure out the weight of the yarn called for in the pattern (it is 100% cotton) http://garnstudio.com/lang/en/visgarn.php?garn=Paris so I can find a substitution locally. They don’t specify whether it is DK, worsted, etc. Is there a way to figure it out based on the info they do provide? Any help appreciated :slight_smile:

You can click on the yarn link ‘More about this yarn’, and the needle size given is a 5mm/8 which tells me it’s a worsted weight. So a worsted cotton should work fine.

Thanks suzeeq! I thought it might be worsted, but wasn’t 100% sure. Not very good at this end of the knitting game!

Generally you can go by the needle size given for a yarn. A 7-9 is mostly worsted, 5-6 DK, 10 and up is bulky or super bulky.