Yarn substitute suggestions for a cute pattern?

I found this pattern on sale for a cute v-neck pullover:

But it calls for Patons Anna yarn which has been discontinued. I checked E-Bay but there’s not alot there to choose from. Can anyone recommend a substitute brand? It looks like it’s chunky weight with 97% wool and 3% nylon. Any type of yarn would be fine but I want to make sure the weight and colors make sense with the pattern before I buy it.


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Knitpicks Palisade knits at the same gauge, but only comes in 2 colors…

WoolEase Thick & Quick doesnt have as much wool, but I bet it would knit at the same gauge

Or, if you want something fancier, there’s Rowan Chunky Print or Rowan York Tweed Chunky

Thanks! Those suggestons bring up a question that my DH asked me: Is this even in style? He thinks the varigated pink might be out dated and I should try something with earth tones. I really like the Rowan selection too. Would I need to find three colors that kind of go together or make the pullover with just one color?

I’m such a fashion misfit!! :oops:

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the varigated pink. I doesn’t look outdated to me. I’m thinking that your maybe DH is ultra-fabulous in cleverly and gently expressing that perhaps earth tones would look better on you than pink. Pink is not a color that can be worn by EVERYONE, including ekgheiy giggle :wink: But I could be wrong … :thinking:

Great point! I’ll corner him at lunch today and see what he was trying to get at with that suggestion. I think the pink is pretty but it would be so much easier if I just picked one color. I hate switching - definitely need to get better at that.

:shock: Uh oh - what has ekgheiy started? :doh: No need to corner the lad … just … you know … consider his suggestion … um … hm … :?? :blush:

I got the full story from DH (Instant Messager is never enough). He doesn’t like the pink and thinks just one color would look better, like this one:

I may have to go shopping this weekend and see for myself!

Yes that is a nice color. I really like the Palisades color that Kelly linked. :slight_smile: (PS: I think it’s wonderful that DH is giving some constructive feedback ;))

Dude - I am the luckiest woman alive. He was raised in a home with 3 sisters and a crafty (not in a bad way :wink: ) mother. They taught him right! He’s not afraid to help me in any way that might make him look unmanly. Marching into the dressing room to give me a shirt he thinks looks cute? No problem! Standing at my LYS and debating colors and weights of yarn for a project? Done! He’s even honest when I make him something and he doesn’t like it. I am truly blessed!

Anyway, I can’t believe I’m trying to figure out colors for this pattern when I have a ton of projects already on my To Do list! I’m such a sucker when it comes to online sales . . .

I’m so happyforyouily jealous … sigh

OOH! I didnt even NOTICE the color change on that sweater! I was too busy looking at the nice waist shaping and bell sleeves! I LIKE the color change!

What if you did the Rowan Chunky Print “pebble dash” osmosing into “pit”?

Suze, if you don’t have a lot of experience switching colors, this would be a great way to practice!

I like those colors alot. Now I just need to get up the nerve to buy that much yarn for one project!

Suze, if you don’t have a lot of experience switching colors, this would be a great way to practice!

I know, I know! I’m putting off the inevitable. More like picking projects that help me learn more stiches but not necessarily more techniques. I need to be brave and find stuff that is truly challenging! Ugh, I think I’ll knit I scarf to get me ramped up with confidence first. :doh: