Yarn Subsitution

So I would like to make this as a baby blanket (the second chevron one) http://www.purlbee.com/the-purl-bee/2012/11/30/two-purl-bee-classics-now-in-super-soft-merino.html,

but the merino yarn is $19/hank and I wanted to use a less expensive option.

I saw today on FB that this yarn is on sale: http://www.yarn.com/webs-knitting-crochet-yarns-valley-yarns/webs-knitting-yarns-valley-yarns-southwick/?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=stevesdeal&utm_campaign=valley-yarns-southwick#pr-header-3669 but it’s a cotton/bamboo blend.

Do you think that this would be a good substitute and/or would I have to double up on the cotton yarn? I am not good at telling the difference, thank you!

It looks like the yarn they recommend is bulky or even super bulky and the yarn you want to substitute is worsted. You could try doubling up on it, or just use more stitches to get the size of the blanket right. You just might have to add a couple of the chevron V’s to your blanket with the thinner yarn.

I agree. The cotton/bamboo is a considerably thinner yarn than the super soft merino. Consider also that it’s a hand wash and that may not by ideal for a baby blanket. I’ve just finished a baby blanket in Cascade Superwashwhich is a bulky (3.5sts/inch), a bit closer to your gauge and machine washable.
It’s a lovely yarn, too but you’ll have to check the price.

Thank you! The promo code applies to this yarn as well, it’s $10/hank. I’ll take a look at this. Thanks everyone for your help!