Yarn sub help?

Ugh…I am wanting to make Salt Peanuts out of Interweave Knits, and it calls for Meunsch Beragamo. There is no way that is happening in the budget right now, so does anyone know a Walmart yarn that I would be able to sub in effectively?


What’s the gauge? I would think that you could substitute anything with the same gauge. I could only get to a pic of the sweater, it doesn’t look like anything made out of an unusual type of yarn so a regular worsted would probably work, again, depending on the gauge.

Not sure, but according to Elann’s Yarn Sub thingy, here are the stats on Muench Bergamo:

100% Wool
15 st/4"
6.0-8.0mm (US 10-11)
60m/ 66 yards
50g (1.75 oz)