Yarn sub help for slippers?

So I am planning on making these slippers for my grandma. I’m already planning on putting in an order at KP, so I was wondering if there was any yarn one would suggest that I could substitute? Thanks! :heart:

I would say that doubled WOTA, which is on the lighter side of worsted, instead of TRIPLED DK-wt yarn would work just fine. You might even get that lovely stripey effect with some of those new hand-painted colors!

I agree…double WOTA should work great…plus you can control the sizing so much through the felting process that an exact substitution isn’t necessary.

Sometime you might want to try the Fiber Trends Clogs. They are so much fun and a little more custom fit that slippers.

Thanks to you both!!

I’m still avoiding those Fiber Trends clogs, they are so adorable but I fear they may be over my head at this point!

Don’t be afraid of the clogs! They really are easy an there is that huge KAL thread to help if you need it. :slight_smile:

I was scared to death to do the ft clogs, but with that kal thread and everyones help I got them done in 2 days !!! You should totally try them !!! I had so much fun making them and before you know it you are wearing them. Doing the clogs also got me over my fear of felting :wink: .