Yarn sub for Eiffel

I want to make Eiffel from Knitty.


The specified yarn is 100% hemp, but I want to use a blend of nylon, acrylic, and mohair. (Paton’s Lacette). The 2 yarns get about the same gauge. Would this work? If not, what can I substitute that would cost no more than $30. I need to make the medium, so I need 990 yds of yarn.


Hmmm, not sure if it would come out the same. Lacette is a little fuzzy and the hemp yarn is very smooth which shows off the lacy rib stitch. Maybe Paton’s Grace instead?

:wall: Of course! Silly me. Paton’s Grace is an awesome idea! I love the stuff.:happydance: Do you think an acrylic would also work? Sorry, I know I’ve spoken heresy, but I have a cheap DH. He’s awesome and I love him dearly, but he thinks a handknit sweater should cost $20 or less. :thud:

I was checking out RH Lustersheen - it fits the gauge of the hemp yarn perfectly.

I’m with your husband on the price actually; I don’t want to handwash everything I make anyway. I’m working with some Lustersheen I got at the thrift store and yes, it should work very well for that pattern.

Yay! My stash is going to get bigger! :woot: