Yarn Stores in Los Angeles?

Hi. I am going to be going to Los Angeles the end of October. I am wondering if anyone knows of any good local yarn stores in the Los Angeles area. I will be renting a car, so I can drive around in the area. Thanks.

Help? Is no one familiar with the Los Angeles area?? Shoot. I guess I will have to actually look online for some LYS and figure out which ones to try on my own. That means I actually have to do some work. Yikes! :rofling:

Sara, Los Angeles area is HUGE. Hard to say. And although I work in LA often, never been to a yarn store actually in LA. Sorry I can’t help.

Oooh… theres one right by me called “concepts in yarn” on Hawthorne blvd in Torrance (at the bottom of the Palos Verdes Peninsula Close to Pacific Coast Highway) Ther’s another just a few blocks away but i haven’t gone there yet and then there’s another one in Long Beach I hear is great. If your going to be in the south bay area (Redondo beach, Manhattan beach, Torrance) of L.A. let me know and i’ll get names and addresses for you :thumbsup: . Also if your close and available on a Weds. I’d love to have you stop in at our knitting circle. http://knitting.meetup.com/331/
Let me know!

well here is a listing for all of california so mebbe this will help some…

Thanks so much! Kelly, I won’t be in LA on a Wednesday. :frowning: I am going Thursday to Sunday I think right now.

maybe next time…