Yarn stores in Kansas City, Mo?

Hi All–

I am going to be in KC this summer for a week, and was wondering if there are any good knitting stores? I’ll be staying in near the Crown Center area of town.



A TON of them! My favorite is Stitch Knitch in North Kansas City. The girls on the forum in Ravelry love MisKnits and the Studio which are pretty close to where you’ll be. Here’s a link with most of the area stores:



I have been to this one, [B]Urban Arts & Crafts[/B] - www.urbanartsandcrafts.com which is in a cute little shopping plaza and is a cute little store. However, it isn’t very Knit-ish… a lot more scrapbooking and beading and such. I would say it is actually probably pretty equally divided amongst various crafts as i think about it, but the yarn isn’t terribly inspiring. If you are multi-craftual though, it is a very cute store.

My favorite is Misknits… She is so helpful, has a huge selection of yummy yarns… and accessories…

her website is down temporarily. But go there… It’s awsome