Yarn stores in CT MA? HELP Hubby says only ONE yarn store

Hi to everyone!

I’m a fairly new knitter with an addiction to yarn stores. We are driving from NY through central and northern CT to Deerfield MA. I checked the map I found here and there are a few stores to choose from. I want to stop at all of them but in the spirit of compromise I’ve aggreed to pick just one. So I want to try and find the best one.

Does anyone have suggestions or do you know of a site that rates stores?

WEBs in North Hampton MA no doubt about it. It looks like its on your way.

There is also Northampton Wools in Northampton MA too. They are just down the road from Webs.

I live in Western Mass and those are about the only two I know of. I think there is a yarn store in hartford called sit -n- knit too, but I have never been there.

I second the suggestion to check out WEBS!! This is actually the largest yarn store in the country, including their warehouse, which people can browse. There’s plenty to see in their main showroom/store, though, and it’s big without being overwhelming. Go with a few projects in mind, because if you spend $60 or more on yarn, they’ll give you 20% off your whole order. If you spend $120, you get 25% off.

By the way, WEBS is also www.yarn.com --you can check out their selection online if you want a sneak peek!

Have fun!! :happydance:

I love my LYS in Coventry Connecticut. Its called The Knitting Nook. Its a very nice little shop, the owner is extremely friendly and helpful. I am in yarn heaven every time i go in there. She just started up a website so i assume you can get directions from there if your in the Coventry area. If your passing through check it out! http://www.knittingnookyarn.com/

Thanks! Northampton Wool and Webs are both close to the hotel we’re staying at. The website for Webs is great. I think he’s really going to stick to his guns about “only one yarn store.” I hate choosing between things I don’t know about.

Is there a website where you can rate stores? I hearing other people’s experiences.

There is a craft festival in Old Deerfield and the Big E this weekend which is the reason for the trip.

One day I’m going to plan a trip where the only goal is getting to yarn shops-but he probably won’t go with me.

It’s technically in Farmington which is very close to Hartford (just in case you are looking it up).

I’ve been to this store a few times and the women there are very nice (one even let me try her Denises before I bought my pair). But it is quite small. Most yarn stores I’ve gone to aren’t huge, but are a decent size, but this one is quaint, to put it nicely. :flirt:

I don’t want to make it sound like it’s not a good store, but if WEBS is as great as everyone says, then I would go there instead.