Yarn Stores are Dangerous!

Today I found myself in a yarn store with money to burn. Being pretty inexperienced I didn’t realize how dangerous this was. I couldn’t help myself, I found this beautiful lace and a great yarn “Wool in the Woods” great stuff.

oh, yes! it’s very easy to spend $40-50 bucks on yarn, without even blinking an eye, isn’t it?!

Voyager 3

Beautiful~ :heart: the wool in the woods~!

Love the eye poppin’ colors~!

Great purchase! I love the colors of your Wool in the Woods. And I have to agree, it is soooo easy to spend so much money in a yarn store, especially if they are are having a sale. I go in thinking just a few skeins and come out with 3-4 times more than as planned.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new addict! Welcome!

Very nice! Nothing like an afternoon of feeling up yarn :teehee:

Love the wool in the woods. Beautiful!

Sooooooo beautiful!

Pretty stuff!