Yarn store policy

I was just wondering if it is customary for a yarn shop to ask me to pay for shipping of yarn that I want to order form them? I would need 8 balls of this yarn & apparently it comes in packs of 10. I have purchased yarn from this shop before and the owner knows me. The yarn I want is one that is carried in the store. The owner is out of the color I want. She isn’t sure when she will be ordering more. She waits until she has a full order for all the yarn that she needs from that company.

I think it’s perfectly acceptable. It’s not personal. The smaller retail stores can’t afford to be giving free shipping. Giving free shipping affects their own profits and most stores can’t afford to do that. Even larger stores often charge shipping or only give free after you’ve purchased a certain amount. Plus it takes time to package and ship products or pay someone to handle the shipping dept.

Example, if you shop at Sears or another company that has both a retail store and catalog to purchase from and they just sold the last blouse you wanted in your size, they could order one from the catolog, but you would have to pay the mailing cost. Think of it on those lines.

If you can wait for her to get more in then that would save you the cost of mailing plus the two extra skeins. If she knows the yarn you need will be included on the list, maybe she would be willing to make a note to set those aside for you when they come in at no extra cost to you. But if you have to have it right away, then yes I understand why she would charge you the mailing cost.

BTW, can this yarn be found on line and can you place an order yourself? It might be cheaper that way if you can.

HMMM - I have never paid shipping to a LYS, however, I have always just requested that a specific color and # be added to an order when one is made. If you are asking her to bring it in prior to her standard re-order than I can see how she would need you to pay shipping esp since shipping rates keep going up. I’ve had Bed Bath and Beyond charge me shipping when I wanted something they carry, but were out of the size I needed and couldn’t wait until they ordered. It’s an annoying fact of life.

Thank you for answering this question for me. All of your answers make perfect sense. They were a big help and I better understand how yarn shops operate. I have had shops order yarn for me before and never charged me shipping so I was confused as to why I was being charged this time. Different stores …different policies.

Thanks again…:hug: