Yarn storage


I use to have a craft room - until we moved into a smaller house (3 kids leave, we downsized) so now I store my yarn in baskets with lids that I stack in a corner of the room. I think I will need to add onto the house :smiley:

Current projects are kept in Vera Bradley bags - nice size, plenty of pockets and washable!

As for the Coach (a fav of mine) - Coach will/can recondition the bag :happydance:

Good to know–I’ll pass that on!

I saw one of those house makeover shows…they had a few lined up against an empty wall. There was a pretty picture or mirror hanging above. They were pretty much creating a hide-away storage/extra seating area. You could have quite a few stowed around the house…they’re perfect along corner walls, ya know where you have this 3 foot wall you can’t put a piece of furniture on?

Grooovy, baby.