Yarn storage

Where does everyone keep their yarn? I am quickly aquiring quite a stash, and I’m not sure what to do with it! I was thinking of getting one of those rubbermaid tubs to stick it in. Just curious to see what others do!!


I have the Rubbermaid type tubs for my yarn, too. At least five in fact :oops: I also have it in drawers, zip up clear bags that you sometimes get with curtains, in a wooden chest, in a hamper, etc.

I have too much, needless to say. The bins are good because you can stack them (if you’re an overacheiver like me :wink: ) and the yarn is protected from dust and such.

We have a dresser in our guest bedroom that has drawers full of yarn right now.

I bought some GIANT 18x24 ziplock bags and keep most of the yarn separated in there. I have a big filing cabinet that I store the bags in.

I’m in the process of getting a storage method. I like the idea of Kelly’s dresser! I’m also looking into a storage ottoman (sp?). I saw a really nice storage ottoman over the weekend, but it wasn’t big enough for all my yarn :oops: giggle

I’ve had to upgrade my tupperware storage containers 5 times… I keep out growing my stash! :shock:
Maybe I need to dedicate an entire ROOM to my yarn. :cheering:

I’ve got a very nice entertainment center in the bedroom & below the TV is an area with 2 glass doors, one side with shelf, one without; and drawer below it. Currently it’s all in there. BUT…my sweet husband got some bedrisers so we can raise the bed and put more yarn under there in rubbermaid type boxes because currently my SOCK YARN is living in a plastic bag…no, no we can :fingerwag: NOT have that!!
So, this is part of my great re-organization week or two that I am in the middle of now :smiley:

I saw those bed risers and immediately thought of all the yarn I could fit under my bed. (Besides the zip up bags that are already there.) But I have a pillow topped mattress which I already have to climb up onto. If I make it any higher, I’ll need a ladder. I could see me falling out of bed getting up to go to the bathroom and trying to explain to the ER doctor why my bed was so dang high! :rofling:

I have a closet with some cardboard dividers and labels to tell me which yarn goes where, works out pretty good as a system too.

I have two huge Coach shopping bags full of yarn in the closet. It combines my two favorite things: Coach and knitting. hehe.

We were given an antique pine hope chest a few years ago. After this recent move, DH suggested I use it to keep my yarn. He is so smart! The best part is that I can keep my needles in the candle box in the top of the chest. And it makes me feel fancy! It will of course become totally impractical if I acquire all the yarn I “need.” :lol:

:thinking: Wonder which one of us is the computer geek here?

Please don’t take offense! I live in IBM land! :wink:

Actually it sounds to me like he’s got a practice LYS going on…

Me on the other hand, my closets are too full of clothes and shoes and my wedding dress (still in a pile on the floor).

My daughter was talking to me while I had this on the screen. She’s a Coach lover, too.

Out of all the things on the screen and all the things she was telling me, she spotted Coach. :heart: Then she asked if I told you all about how she spilled a full cup of coffee in and on her new Coach bag. When I said I hadn’t, she said, “Tell that one, SHE’LL understand!”

[color=red][size=6]:mad: NOOOOOO PLAAASSTICCC BAGGGGGIEEEESSSSSS!!! :mad:[/size][/color]

i have mine in baskets. i sawthose huge ziploc bags in Sams ani didn’t even think of putting my yarn in them… i sat there trying to think of what i could put in them…dangit

O-MY-GAWD. I’d cry. I once smooshed a chocolate on my suede bag (ahh, another :heart: of mine: Lindt chocolate.) I was so upset…thankfully, I was able to get it out of the bag. But, coffee…you can’t really get that out. Not out of the liner, at least. How sad…tell your daughter that I feel for her and her injured Coach bag.

I’ll print your reply for her. :wink:

okay i don’t buy coach because the cost pains me…mostly because i would definitely dump stuff in it if i did. the first time i spent a bunch of money on a purse i just could not leave in the store i dumped an entire bottle of soda in the bag. all the time i am taking whatever soda i am currently drinking and throw it in the bag. i do it ALL the time, no big deal. Well i was in the car one day and reached into the bag and grabbed the soda out and it was nearly empty. I did one of these :?? cuz i was pretty sure it was nearly full when i put it in there but i also figured my attention span sucks so i probably had it nearly gone before i threw it in there. well i reached in to grab my wallet later and it was soaked. sigh apparently the bottle wasn’t closed tight. blah. i just couldn’t use it anymore cuz it was just gross. thank GOOOOOOODNESS i wasn’t knitting yet at that point or it would have been soaked too. as i think about it though, the bag i replaced it with was the first one i use to carry my knitting around in. good timing i guess :wink:

and yeah i still throw the sodas in m bag

Right now they are in organized boxes LOL but gonna get those plastic containers that stands up and you have I think 3 draweres to pull out that way I can label them and see them better… gonna have one drawer for gifts… :mrgreen: