Yarn Storage Question

When you wind your yarn in a ball, how do you keep it from unrolling and tangling with other yarn ball untangles?

I’m convinced the yarn balls party in the rubbermaid tote, and yesterday I spent about an hour untangling everybody and putting them back in their proper place.

Now… if this is a horrible thing to do, please be kind. :slight_smile: I put rubber bands around the balls to keep them together. I’m sure they hate me now, but they just wouldn’t behave!!!

How do you keep your yarn from partying?

Little baggies, or I put entire ‘sets’ into larger bags. Then into the rubbermaid.

It helps when you are in a ‘digging through the stash’ mood too.

Um… and I have been known to… shrink wrap yarn together too…

It has something to do with the fact that I promised my DH I would limit my ‘stash’ and then when I find the space I’m limited to filling up I … try to shrink wrap the yarns to take up less space…



I let them party in hopes that they’ll reproduce. :rofl:

I use plastic bags to keep the different types separate (no cross-breeding allowed!) within the Rubbermaid container.

I just toss them all into canvas tote bags and hope for the best. So far no tangles or other issues.

I take my crochet hook and wind the loose end in a few winds so it can’t come undone.

I use the rubbermaid containers that are sort of flat, so there’s only maximum two layers of yarn. I also put any “leftovers” in clear bags. I never have any yarn party problems…either they don’t like each other, or they clean up thoroughly when they’re finished!

I do this, too. (Although usually I can’t find my crochet hooks so I just fudge it with my fingers.)

I also wind my yarn in center pull balls (make a butterfly, keeping track of the pulling end, and wind as normal). They usually come out flatter than regular balls so they roll around less and thus don’t get tangled as much.

When they wind the ball at my lys They use a rubber band and It’s fine. with my lash yarn I use bags

:roflhard::roflhard::roflhard: Why not? The dust bunnies do!

I center wind all my yarn leaving a very long tail out. The I wrap the tail around the ball about 5-10 times while my finger under the wraps and pull the end under with a loop and tie a bow (tie a half hitch diagonally crossing the wraps* this keeps the bow from slidding around the wraps) just as a sailer does for line storage.

I have a couple of cute storage bins from Lowe’s and in my main stash bin in the laundry room all of the yarn is in it’s own ziploc bag. In my OTN bin I usually have plastic grocery bags seperating my works in progress with the name of the project on the side of the bag and all supplies needed for the project in each bag with my pattern folder in the bin…This is the only are of my house that is THIS organized.

Oh wonderful ideas. I really like the idea of winding the balls to have the center yarn pull out. I may re-do mine, someday when I’m creatively challenged, don’t feel good and the DVR is full of great shows. (it happens more often than you might think)!!!

But I do like the idea of leaving them alone, in the hopes that they may reproduce!!! :slight_smile:


Whoa…yarn orgy!

Regarding shrink wrapping…I have a small stash for now (just beginning knitting). But as it grows, as it inevitably will, what are your thoughts about using those hi-tech “Space Bags” that I bought about 7 years ago and never opened? You know, the ones that you vacuum out all the air and the stuff is supposed to give you a neater linen closet?

I put each kind of yarn in ziploc, then in the rubbermaid. It’s easier to dig through everything that way.:aww: I only have problems with tangled yarn when I’m in the midst of a project.

LOLOL!!! :roflhard:


I didn’t know knitters to talk this way…
now it feels like Im in the right place

So that explains why when I go back and look through my stash, I find yarn I don’t remember buying!:woot: And, that’s ok, I find I also like it alot.