Yarn stash all cleaned out

I’ve got some yarn that I’ve never used and bits and pieces left over from projects. If there’s something you’re interested in, I’ve put a suggested price by each item although I’m perfectly willing to make a deal if you want to take all or most of it. I prefer payment by PayPal and also prefer to ship within the U.S. (unless there’s just something you really want to have, but it’ll cost more with the shipping).

I’m listing the details in this post (PM me if you want more information), but the pictures are available off-site (let me know if you have trouble viewing them): Pictures of Yarn for Sale

[B]Yarn Available:[/B]
None! All sold. Thank you to everyone who helped me clean out my stash!

I pm’d you regarding the book…

pm’ed about the knit picks telemarks

How much to post the KP Shimmer in Morning Mist to Australia?? :smiley:

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