Yarn splitting

The other day I bought some Plymouth Boku (95% wool 5% silk), as I was knitting with it, it kept breaking apart. So today I bought some Patons SWS (70% wool 30% soy) I had my eyes on and it’s breaking apart too! I’m very disappointed…I don’t understand why. I’m keeping the same tension as I usually do…I don’t knit tight. I never had problems with 100% wool or wool/acrylic blends before so why now?:??

Its probably not you, but the yarn. Some yarns are splitty from the way they are spun.:shrug:

Could be!
or maybe my needles. I used metal ones before and just now I swatched them both using wooden needles (pick up sticks) and it worked fine! maybe they’re lucky :slight_smile:

I’ve used Patons SWS and it is really splitty. It’s just how its spun.

There are some yarns that are just splitty, and there are some needles that depending on how you hold them split the yarn. Try some different yarns maybe, and see if it’s any different?

Patons SWS is a single ply and loosely spun at that, AND a soft wool with silk to boot. It’s slippery and splitty! You do have to be careful when knitting with it, but it’s such a lovely yarn I’m more than happy to be cautious. It’s my favorite yarn that I can find at Joanns! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help!
yes! SWS is reallly nice and I lovee the pink shades!

I’ve had that problem with silk/soy blends before. Someone once recommended using a blunter needle for splitty yarns; but I like my pointies and have found that if I focus a little more when inserting the right needle, stretching the loop a little, it works for me.

I am knitting with Rowan Tapestry for two cabled scarves. It is a [U]single-ply soy/silk yarn[/U]. [COLOR=Red][B][I] Splitty.[/I][/B][/COLOR] I started out with KP Options because of the cabling. Switched to Lantern Moon rosewoods…no splitting…but the wood slowed up my cabling…so went back to the KP Options…but…every so often I am using a crochet hook to un-knit/re-knit a split stitch from the previous row. I seem to catch the split stitch on the next row. Sigh. :pout:

The SAGA of the NEEDLE TYPE vz the YARN TYPE. :eyes: