Yarn Splitting/Unraveling?

I am not sure if this will make sense but I have been having trouble with the yarn splitting or unraveling when I go to knit stitch. Is it because my stitches are too tight and the needle is poking into the yarn? Or could it be the yarn that I am using? Any suggestions on how to fix this? I have tried thinner and thicker yarns (all Lion’s Brand) with the needles that the yarn wrapper suggests. Thanks!!

It could be the yarn, especially if you’re using Homespun, and you may be using needles too small for that one. Even though the label lists its gauge with size 10s, that’s to show which weight class it falls in. Homespun works better with size 11 or larger. You could try bigger needles with other yarn too, would make for larger sts which would be easier to knit into. It could be tight stitches, too, or your needle tip is too sharp or too blunt.