Yarn Snobbery

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was curious if anyone has run across knitters who have yarn snobbery? I work with a knitter who would never knit with acrylics or acrylic blends, or yarn bought at craft chain stores. And the local yarn shop that has high end brands has employees that were horrified when I said I got needles and yarn at AC Moore! Mind you, this store was marking down all their Debbie Bliss because they don’t feel it’s “good enough”. My impression was that Debbie Bliss brand is popular and good quality.

I’m fairly new to knitting (started about 7 months ago), so I never realized there being such strong feelings! I have to say that I knit a large afghan in Lion Brand chenille that came out great, and is holding up very well. I have recently purchased some silk yarns for big bucks… but hope they hold up as well as I would expect them to for the price!

What are your thoughts on this?

I’ve come across yarn snobs, and knitters who refuse to use anything other than red heart acrylic super saver. I admit, I am a little bit of a yarn snob. I don’t flat-out refuse to use cheap yarns, but I definately prefer to use better yarns, and avoid 100% acrylics as much as possable (the exception here for me is Carron Simply soft-it’s great for baby things). For me, it’s all about how the yarn feels while sliding through my fingers. And yarn quality and fiber content really does make a huge difference in the finished product. Over time, an individual knitter figures out which yarns they prefer and, IMHO, yarn snobbery is nothing more than personal preferance. If they (the yarn store snobs) want to be judgemental yarn snobs, then they will loose a lot of business over time simply becasue of their attitude when talking to customers. Simple fact is that the most expensive ‘chic’ yarns aren’t always the best yarn for a project, sometimes, it’s the lion brand.

:lol: :lol: :lol: When I thought about it I realized I was a yarnoholic. I simply cannot get through a day without some sort of yarn in my hands for some length of time. But yarn snobbey? Hmmmm, I wonder who they think they’re helping?

:waving: Hello, My name is Brenda and I am a yarn snob! I don’t know when it happened, I certainly didn’t mean for it to happen but one day I walked into a Hobby Lobby and realized that what I found there was just not good enough…it just didn’t give me that rush that I get from the alpaca and the silk I found at my LYS. I tried to break the habit but I just couldn’t. I got drunk of the colors and the feeling of the goods at the LYS. I sometimes hear “Pssst…Hey…over here…feel me…wouldn’t you like something as nice as me?” I am weak d*mmit…and the pushers know me well…


but i can’t imagine a world where Debbie Bliss wouldn’t be “good enough!”

I like it all. :happydance: I prefer the more expensive yarns for feel and looks but for some projects the less expensive yarn is perfect. I like it all!! :XX: :XX:

Yarn snobs come in all shapes and sizes…

I answer the phone all day long fielding yarn questions and one of the most asked is why did Red Heart discontinue their Baby Fingering line? This was an 100% acrylic yarn, but it served a purpose in the world of baby knits and sadly missed.

These women are yarn snobs as they can’t see any fit replacements for their pompadour!


:rofling: :roflhard: brendajos…

I would be a yarn snob if I could :rofling: I’m a wanna be yarn snob… but my budget makes me whatever I can get my hands on that day will work just fine :rofling: I love going to my LYS and feeling all the yarns although they have a small selection… I like to order from knitpicks too that way I can feel alpaca and different types for a lesser price… but at the end of the day if all I have is red heart then I’ll be knitting with it… I just love to knit :smiley:

It’s all about the right yarn for the right project. I’m not going to make a kid’s play sweater out of Manos del Uruguay, just like I’m not going to make an elegant shawl out of Red Heart. As someone said, it’s all personal preference, people shouldn’t judge others’ choices.

oooooooooooh the horror of a 7 year old boy outside in a Manos sweater! :shock: that’s enough to give a yarn snob nightmares!

i agree that it is all about the project…sometimes it just makes no sense to use the more expensive stuff and vice versa.

I admit, I’m a bit of a yarn snob when it comes to knitting for me or someone that I know is going to take care of and appreciate the item that I knit for them. On the other hand, I’m in the middle of knitting several things for my gd and I’m using an inexpensive cotton…I’d be a fool to use expensive yarn for a 3 yr old :shock: Yeah, I’m a yarn snob/junkie…and a realist :thumbsup:

Now, if we want to talk about needles…very snobby, with a huge addiction :wink:

I think there are yarn snobs, and then there are yarn SNOBS. The first just appreciates the qualities of fine yarns, the second uses yarn as a status symbol. Hee. That sounds so funny – yarn as a status symbol! :roflhard:

And, where is this shop that is marking down its Debbie Bliss??? :shifty:

lol i was thinking the same thing! STOCK UP!!! :thumbsup:

Couldn’t agree more! I love using natural fibers, but I have a trunk of acrylic and if it’s a choice between high end fibers or not knitting at all…

I’m a yarn gourmet! :wink: Sometimes a gourmand. :rollseyes:

I have no problem with anyone else knitting with whatever they want, I just can no longer stand the feel of it.

I will try anything once - if it feels good it goes on the list of likes and if it feels yuck it goes on the list of dislikes :wink:

Only one way to find out what I like and dislike right? I wish I was close to the store marking down debbie bliss :wink:

I find there is a distinction between preferring quality over quantity, and being a real snob. Personally, given the budget I have, I will rather knit less projects with better (and more expensive) yarn. This being said, like other people mentionned, it all depends on what you are knitting! I made a case for a digital camera and decided to use cheap cotton. Well… I’m really glad I did, because we lost the case on a hike (if anyone goes to Yoho National Park, British Columbia, Canada, and finds a lost camera case, can you bring it back? :smiley: )

As for needles, this is highly personal, it’s all about comfort. If you like cheap needles and you knit wonderful things with them, why not? I would say it’s actually pretty smart since you can put more money on yarn!!! :cheering:

Here’s another admitted yarn snob… haha. It happened when I joined my LYS knitting group and realized that I really enjoyed knitting with better yarns.

I do use Peaches and Cream and Sugar and Cream from Hobby Lobby or Michaels on occasion though. :slight_smile: If I want to do a machine wash item, I’ll use Encore Superwash. I’ve never done a baby item, but I suspect that I could find yarn at Hobby Lobby to make it, so maybe I’m not as bad as I thought…

Here’s the way I feel about it. Right now, I’m still learning, and I don’t want to use expensive yarn while I’m doing that. When I’m more comfortable with all the lace and cables and shaping and everything else, THEN I’ll use the good stuff.

Oh, and by the way, I’m learning to spin too. SO, that means that when I’m a better knitter, I’ll be able to spin my own silk and alpaca yarns! Ha!

I have seen some of the yarn snobs behind the counters at yarn stores. They are all over the place in my area. I can’t stand the way they look down their noses at me when I go shopping there. And it really irks me to see them kissing the butts of the wealthy socialites that come in the door. What a pain!

It’s a fact of life. Some people just can’t let their tushie sit in anything but a Lexus, or shop anywhere, but Neiman Marcus. For the rest of us as far as yarn goes buy what you can afford and always consider the project. Personally I can’t afford yarn at $10 a skein, but if you can go for it! There are plenty of nice yarns in craft stores you just have to be picky. Some like Red Heart Super Saver, but I will not knit with it ever again. It’s very hard on the hands! Not all acrylics are created equal.

And, where is this shop that is marking down its Debbie Bliss??? :shifty:[/quote]

It’s in downtown Nashua, New Hampshire. Store is called Ewe’ll Love It. They have a good selection of yarns, and their in store loft has all the mark downs. I got 20 balls of cotton angora Debbie Bliss for $110. Not sure what I’ll be making with all of it, so any suggestions would be helpful!