Yarn snob

it’s official - I’ve become a yarn snob.

I cannot knit with cheap acrylic anymore. The good stuff is just so much more lovely, tactile, gorgeous, yummy, wonderful …

oh woe is me wallet!


yyyyyyyyyyuuuuuuupp…i couldn’t imagine not being happy with the selection at Hobby Lobby…

until i went to my first LYS…i have never looked back :rollseyes:

Uh Oh!! I know how you feel , Carol!! I have a hold tub of acrylic yarn in my craft room that I don’t know what I’ll do with!! I used to feel satisfied with having it until I got to know people who knitted with REAL fibers!! (Ahem, KH-ers!!You know who you are!)
Now, I think I’ll probably knit up lap robes or baby afghans which need washing often anyway with the acrylics, and save save save up for the good stuff that feels, smells and knits up so yummily!


Just wanted to say:[size=6][color=red]HAPPY BIRTHDAY![/color][/size]
:present: :balloons: :present: :balloons:


Im lucky that Knitpicks makes it affordable to be a yarn snob!! :frowning:

I hear ya. I have two skeins of Lion Jiffy that I bought in February constantly staring at me from my yarn shelf. But I can’t bear to knit with it. :rollseyes:

I’m a yarn snob, too…I shop @ either Knitpicks or kpixie.com which has my ‘treat’ yarns like the SouthWest Trading Co yarns and all sorts of cool & pretty & snazzy stuff! FYI, if u sign up to receive their newsletter…you get 10% off 1st order :wink: I love that yarn…Karaoke is my fave. Of course…now when we talk about knitpicks…I have many boxes of just knitpicks yarn under the bed…one with just sock yarn…I am a yarn ho, I mean snob… :wink:

Oh, Rebecca – “a yarn ho”!!! That’s too purrfect … I may have to steal that description!


I have to agree , there are some yarns I just can’t imagine ever knitting with again which were once ok. It’s kind of like drinking instant coffee after grinding your own fresh beans and making good coffee for a while. There’s no going back.

It’s like going back to my Toyota with a crack in the windshield after riding in a BMW with heated seats. It just hurts.

I’ll put this offer out to those who have yarn in their stash that they don’t think they’ll knit with, but don’t know what to do with it: I belong to a knitting group at work and we make blankets/afghans for a local hospital. We generally use all that acrylic stuff because it’s machine washable and affordable. Also, there might be allergy issues to the natural fibers. We don’t get any club funds from work and rely on our members to buy their own yarn. If any of you would like to donate your yarn to this cause, send me a PM. We’d be very grateful for the donations.

Yes, welcome to our world. I used to shop at Michael’s for my yarn, and once I while I still go to AC Moore, but it’s almost always knitpicks and LYS finds for me. I’m not even going to get into how much yarnage I have in my closet - and I still think about planning my next trip to the LYS.

I’m a snobbish ho…kinda like one of those really expensive street walkers, only with yarn :?? hmmm…

i’m a yarn john then!! :roflhard: I’m stuck knitting with crap cause I can’t afford anything good. :crying:

yes you can lacedolphin!!! Knitpicks makes it VERY EASY to sell yourself for yarn :slight_smile:

I’m totally a yarn snob. It’s actually like I’m a knitpicks snob… every time I see yarn I want, I think “oh, but I can use _______ yarn from knitpicks for a TON cheaper!”

this is a terrific idea! I’ll pm you as I have some things I can donate!

Great idea FG! If I ever get on the ball(of yarn)I plan to use my acrylic (bought on purpose for ease of care) for kennel blankies for my local humane society. Something always cuts into my time for getting on that project…

I am a yarn snob too. I do get some a HL and Michaels but I go ga ga over Yarn Shop merchandise! I look in the yellow pages and online for shops to visit when I go to the Twin Cities… I would love to work in one. Maybe someday when I gain experience… sigh :thumbsup:

I’ve touched the yummy stuff, and even used it, but I guess I’m just a hardcore cheapo 'cause I still like my acrylics for everyday use.

This gets filed under “things that SOUND dirty, but they’re NOT.”


…I guess I’ll understand that better when I’m older. :rofling:

Kelly, you so funny :roflhard:

Oh wait I was also gonna say, I’m a recovering yarn snob. I was bad. really bad. Even making fun of people who used acrylic. Gasp. But I have read a lot of Buddhist texts, revisited Martin Luther King’s peices on Beloved Community and embraced peace and love in my life. That said, I have gone back for a dip in the acrylic pool. They have done some amazing things with acrylic these days. :cheering: I have partaken of the Caron line and the TLC lines that are 100% acrylic but feel really soft. My newest cheapo love affair is with Joanne Fabrics Angel Hair. So lusciously soft you’d sweat it was mohair. But its not. And at $4.99 a skein you can affrod to knit with it more. So that’s my story. I just hope y’all can learn something…