Yarn size question

I’m a VERY tight knitter and can never get gauge. I usually have to go down at least two needle sizes to get gauge. My question…can I just go up a yarn size next time?

Would that make a sweater pattern fit weird? Even if I ended up getting gauge with the suggested needle size? Or is going down needle size preferred?


I’m a loose knitter and I drop down a US needle size (smaller diameter). If you’re a tight knitter you need to go to increased diameter.
Going up in yarn size will mean going up in US needle size (increased diameter) as well. As you knit yarn on a smaller and smaller diameter needles, the knit fabric becomes tighter and stiffer. Try this out with some yarn and needles on small swatches.

It’s usually better to go up a needle size, rather than yarn size. If you go up a yarn size on a pattern that specifies a thinner yarn, you could completely throw the pattern off.

Thank you both. Oh, maybe I’m loose! All I know is that if a pattern calls for, say, 6 sts per inch…I will have 8. Or 9. Then I have to keep going with smaller and smaller needles until, to get gauge, I’m knitting with way smaller needles than the pattern calls for. And there are so few resources in my town to buy yarn that I have to order everything online. So I always try to knit with the yarn the pattern calls for, just to be safe. And then I struggle to get gauge. I thought it would be easier to go to a little bit bigger yarn but it sounds like that’s a bad idea.

Thanks for your help! I’ll swatch and see what I get!

It sounds like you’re a bit tighter knitter. If you are getting more sts per inch than the pattern calls for (8 or 9 instead of 6sts/inch) then you need to go to a larger size needle.

The smaller the needle size, the greater the number of sts/inch.

Are you looking at a specific pattern?

I definitely knit tight, using English method and giving each stitch a very light tug before doing the next one. I automatically use needles at least one size larger than stated in the pattern, i.e. size 9, rather than size 8. My swatches usually come out about right.