Yarn shopping with kids

I needed a project - I needed yarn. My children are not cooperative in the yarn store (any store really) but I found the perfect solution. While the older one was at school I fed the younger one lunch and put him in the car until he fell asleep. Carried him into the yarn store and snuggled him in on their couch. It was a win win. He got a nap and I got to shop for yarn. :woot: :knitting:

I enjoyed your solution to the problem. You are lucky the little one stayed asleep once out of the car… still, all that yarn, maybe the little 'un just felt warm! :slight_smile:
Happy Knitting!
TEMA :knitting:

Excellent! :thumbsup:

Nice!!! I hate shopping for yarn with my kids–they like to touch it all :teehee: I guess I’m raising future yarnies??? :knitting: