Yarn Shopping On Vacation

I am so excited. My husband and I are going to Little Rock, AR in June for his annual conference and I found two stores located in the Little Rock area. And the best part is, they’re both on the same street!!! :cheering: I always somehow get lost in a strange town and this will make it easier!!! I’ll have to decide what I want to get so I don’t just go on a crazy spending spree!!!


What’s wrong with a shopping spree?! It is vacation afterall!!!

It’s funny how we automatically check out where the nearest LYS locations are when we travel, eh?

“Uh, Honey, I’m afraid we can’t go THERE on vacation. The shopping is not up to par.”


what i love on vacation is stumbling across a yarn store where you’re not expecting one. i’ve done this a few times now, and while i haven’t bought anything (this was pre-stash days), it always gave me good ideas for yarns to find online for particular projects.

now, i’d buy, and buy and buy. that stash of mine can never get too big. :teehee:

I spent three weeks in South Carolina and by the time I left the ladies at one of the LYS knew me by name:) They had so much yarn and most was stuff my LYS don’t carry. My DH said he is not taking me with him on business trips unless there are no LYS in the area!

Don’t forget to pack a spare carry on or checkable bag to bring back all of your purchases!!! I always make the mistake of buying a lot of yarn on vacation and not having anything to bring it home in so my purse and carry-on become uncomfortably stuffed just so that I can get it all home…

I live in Arkansas. Please PM if you want more info~!