Yarn Shopping Help -- Please

Hi ~

Finding affordable yarn here in Maui has been an adventure and with Wal-mart redoing the yarn section, my choices just decreased even more. So I’ve decided to ask my cousin to go yarn shopping for me in Phoenix – she loves having an excuse to spend money that won’t get her in trouble with her hubby!

Anyway – the choices in her area that I know about are Hobby Lobby and JoAnn Fabrics. My question is – what are some of your favorite brands of yarn you get from each store. I don’t remember too much about what’s available JoAnn’s (except for Red Heart & Vanna’s Choice) and I haven’t been to HL for 13 years. I know I would love to try the HL “I Love …” in the cotton for a couple of projects. I also want her to search for acrylics to use for the Oddball Baby Blankets.

Any one know of a LYS in Phoenix where she might be able to get so special yarns for me?

Thanks for your help!

I’m not even from the US :teehee:, but did you consider online yarn shopping? You have ebay and WEBS and of course KnitPicks, that have fabulous selection. Knitpicks have free US shipping on purchases over 50$. You can get lots of reviews on their yarns and check them out on Ravelry.

hobby lobby has some really good yarns they have an online catalog you can look at http://www.craftsetc.com/ most if not all the yarn on the catalog should be at the store … i find some if it kinda pricy … right now i’m thinking about shopping online for my next yarn…http://www.smileysyarns.com/ this place has really great yarn sales but you got to order 50$ at a time i havent bought any from there yet … but i plan too soon. i’m a stay at home mom so i have to ask my husband for yarn money, he doesnt get paid for another 5 days … but he said he’d give me enough money then to order from smileys … ill let u know how that goes if u are interested

I’m with KnittingNat! I do a lot of shopping from both of those websites and have been really happy with them. Also it seems like the JoAnn’s and Michaels have different stuff in each store. You might also consider doing a search for LYS in Phoenix on the web. That might give you a better idea of what they have in that area. How fun!!! Yarn shopping! And what a nice cousin to be your supplier! :happydance:

This is a good website for finding stores: http://www.shopyarn.com/find_shops.htm

Also if your cousin goes to HL she can check their site for coupons. They often have coupons for 30% or 40% off one item (atleast once every few weeks). It also has their weekly specials sheet so you can know if some good yarn is on sale.

If you are shopping at JoAnn’s -I like Caron Simply Simply Soft. I also love shopping online at Yarn Market and ESPECIALLY at Knit Picks!! KP has such wonderul, inexpensive yarns. They are good quality yarns and they ship them pretty quickly.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions.

One of the reasons I’m having my cousin do the shopping on the mainland is due to companies like Knitpicks adding on extra shipping costs to send to Hawaii. Hawaii also doesn’t qualify for free shippng, either (JoAnn’s). It’s cheaper for her to mail the yarn Priority Mail with confirmation number after making the purchases. I do have a list of Hawaii friendly companies to order from, but I’m not familiar with the yarns.

The other reason is I am a very picky person when it comes to texture when I am knitting, so I won’t buy something I don’t know is soft & easy to work with. Cuz knows what I like in yarn and as long as I have a specific list, will get what I need/she can find. She is already gearing up to use the HL coupons.

My family is going to be getting a knitting package together for me as my Christmas gift, so I need to figure out what to tell them as well.

At Jo-Anns I really love their own brand - Sensations. I think that its a great inexpensive yarn.


Tell her to to check at Joann’s too, they’ll take HL’s coupons. I went to Joann’s today with a HL 40% off coupon and bought a Carron one pounder for $4.50 (regular price is $7.50). The Carron verigated is the same price, just comes in a 10 oz instead of 16 oz. skein. If you want acrylic, you can’t go wrong with $$ like that! :woot:

But, same goes for other types yarns…using the coupon usually makes it less expensive then even buying it on sale. Stores rarely put the good stuff on sale for 40% off regular price.

What a great idea for a Christmas (or any other) gift. You may want to check your needle stash too…:wink: