Yarn selection help

Hey guys,

Just wanted to get some input. My niece (who is awesome) wants me to knit her a tobogon (sp?) like hat for christmas, any suggestions on what type of yarn I should use for that? Or anyone have any links for patterns of that type?




I’ve heard the term before, but to me it’s a thing you ride down a snowy hill. :teehee: I know you mean a hat though. Can you give us more specifics to make it easier to search? Like do you want it all ribbing? Or with a long tail? (like Santa)

Wool is generally warmest. Can she wear wool?

A toboggan hat is a hat you’d wear tobogganing, of course!

I think it’s just like a regular stocking hat, but not with a long tail.

Yep she can definitely wear wool. Thanks :slight_smile: