Yarn Sales

AC Moore last night: All baby yarns and all “eco friendly” yarns 25% off

Walmart today: caron SS, red heart baby, caron SS Baby, cotton yarns, Bernat and Lion brand ww, bamboo knitting needles all ranging from $1 to $3.50

Apparently some walmart stores are discontinuing SS, so everyone might check their local one if they use it a lot.

Friday, Jo-Ann’s Fabrics had Vanna White yarn at 2 for $5.00. That’s fairly inexpensive for a good quality acrylic. At least, I think the quality is fairly good.

i’ve never tried the vanna white yarn… it felt a lot rougher to me than RH SS… I know that the RH also withstands the “toddler test” and softens as it’s washed, also pulling the item right back into shape.

How does the vanna White do?

I went to AC Moore yesterday and found Heart and Sole sock yarn for 3.99 a skein. I had never found sock yarn at AC Moores before. I was so excited I bought 3 skeins in every color they had. It was cheaper than the sock yarn from Knit Picks and dyed for stripes and fair isle patterning. I’m looking forward to starting a pair. I just finished my first pair of socks and am anxious to start another.

Vanna’s Choice holds up well and is easy ti work with. I’ve bought 2 skeins so far as Micheal’s had it one sale 2 for $5. I find it a little pricey compaired to Red Heart or Caron.