Yarn retreat

Thought the spinning forum was a good plae for this :slight_smile:

A weekend-long yarn-making school and retreat in Harveyville Kansas this october.

I seriously consdiered doing this - combining vacation with a retreat to learn to spin and come home with a louet wheel. Then I started to look at the cost - I can get the basic louet they are talking about for around $200 but if you donโ€™t have your own wheel they will charge you $400 for that basic louet.

Anyway not knowing what wheel would be best or how to spin etc, I did some more research and found this woman far closer to home who will do one on one tuition at a very reasonable price and she will do adaptations and repairs to wheels. So Iโ€™m going with her on 5th August.

I still hanker after this retreat it does seem fun but with flight costs on top Iโ€™d need to learn to spin a bit first and buy a wheel before doing it!