Yarn requirement/adults only kitty/devil hat from SnB Book 1

I was just about to order yarn for this hat and realized it calls for 3 balls of Mission Falls 1824, which is 240 yards and the yarn I was going to order would be either 220 or 330… I find that a bit much yardage for a hat, anyway, but what do I know. Should I take the chance? Anyone make this hat and remember how much yarn it took?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I think one of the reasons it takes extra yarn is because of those looooooong icord thingies and the pompoms.

:?? maybe?

ohhhhhh very well could be, yeah. most WW hat patterns i’ve seen can be done in one ball or a little over, so the 3 kinda threw me off. If I don’t get into the 3rd ball, I guess I could make her some matching handwarmers or some other junk. :slight_smile:


Junk? JUNK!? Nothing knitted is junk. It’s a precious commodity worth it’s weight in diamonds. :wink:

Have fun. :slight_smile:

i’m sorry! i totally didn’t mean it like that. i just meant like something extra with the extra ball if i have one, but something as yet undecided. absolutely precious, you’re totally right.

I was just joking. :wink:

well you’re totally right though! :slight_smile: