yarn replacement

the pattern is asking for 2 strand of mohair yarn (kid silk mohair ) .4.5mm needles
i would like to replace the yarn with single strand cotton/linen ?

It’s probably not a good substitute, depending on the pattern. Mohair is very light, whereas cotton makes a heavy garment. So it is likely to stretch vertically. Also, you won’t get the same drape. And too, if the pattern calls for a larger gauge than what the yarn label suggests, because mohair kinda sticks to itself, you can get away with it. But if you knit at gauge using cotton/linen, the resulting fabric may not look so good.
What pattern is it? You could also try looking on Ravelry.com for the pattern and then search the projects to see if anyone else did asimilar substitute and whether they had any comments about it.

We need to know the context, please. What kind of item is it, and what is the name of the pattern?

please let me know if you can open this file .
thank you !

You can’t attach pdf files here, I don’t think. Plus, posting the whole pattern is not allowed due to copyright.

We don’t need to see the whole instructions, we just need to know the name of the pattern and the name of the designer or publishing company.

I can see that it is a sweater at least :slight_smile: