Yarn recommendation please

Hi all - I am taking a class on how to design clothing to body types. I designed a sweater and I’m going to learn how to write the pattern for it - yada, yada, yada… ok, so here is my question…….

                                      I don’t know how much yarn I will need as of yet, but I want to start the search so I know where to buy when the time comes. It will be a 3/4 sleeve with a full collar, wrap around. Alot of linen stitch. I want a bright yarn, preferably hand spun and full of life. b/c the stitches aren’t patterned, I would like the yarn to give it breathe!

                                      Any suggestions?
                                      Cheers! Meg

I don’t know enough to suggest, but wanted to wish you luck!

me too!!

The only thing I can suggest is to find a similar sweater, and if you can’t find one with 3/4 sleeves than one with long sleeves in the yarn or close to the yarn you want to use. Weigh it on a kitchen scale to find out how many oz. or grams it weighs and kinda loosely go from there.

Sorry couldn’t be of more help to ya! But usually sweaters take anywhere from 1000 to 2000 yards, depending on the stitches used and the length.

It sounds like you’re asking where to find a suitable yarn for your project and what kind of yarn.

http://www.yarndex.com/ Has a pretty comprehensive listing of available yarns and if you read some of the other threads here there have been multiple links to various online stores.
If you are wanting approximate yardage.

aw thanks girls for trying! i will check out those sites. tomorrow im taking a trip to milford pa to check out their yarn shop there… ill report back!