Yarn recommendation please - chunky alpaca (UK)

Recently bought the pattern book from Toft Alpaca shop and have fallen in love with their moss stitch snood and felted handbag patterns.

Unfortunately I can’t afford to buy their yarn to make one at the moment and was wondering if anyone could recommend something less expensive?

The snood pattern uses chunky alpaca yarn designed for 8mm needles - it doesn’t have to be pure alpaca, but if anyone can recommend a nice chunky and soft yarn I can get in the UK, that’s a flat colour, I’d be really grateful.

The bag pattern is a bit trickier as you have to felt it in the washing machine after knitting, so it needs to be a yarn that will felt well.

I have to buy all my yarn online and I’m not too experienced yet so i have to gamble with new yarns and have had some disappontments!

Forgot to add, the bag also uses the same weight (chunky for 8mm needles), but I need a total of 1200g for both items, hence the need to find something a bit cheaper!

Have you checked out Knitpicks.com? They have some beautiful and inexpensive yarn, and if you have any questions about it, I bet a quick call to them will get you the answers.

Good luck!

Knitpicks doesn’t ship to the UK, though I think there’s a couple UK shops online that carry it.

Have you tried drops yarns? They’re very reasonably priced, pretty sure they have a chunky alpaca yarn. You can get them from thewoolshed.co.uk.

Might check out ebay also as there are some yarns on there that do ship to the UK. Some are alpaca blends too.