Yarn Recommendation For Socks

Ok, well, I swore to myself I would never knit a pair of socks…I hate feet, and, I’ve had absolutely no interest in knitting socks whatsoever, however, I think I’m going to break my promise to myself and knit a pair of socks…lol…For a very good reason though!

I have a nephew who has a ton of problems such as microcephaly, cerebral palsy, and severe mental retardation, to name a few. He’s also really sensitive to touch. As a result of his numerous health problems, his feet get really cold, even with regular socks, and they are always bright purple. So, I was thinking I’d try my hand at my first pair of socks for him.

Now, I don’t use animal fibers and I want a yarn that will be super warm but also relatively soft. It’s ok if the socks are a little bulky because he can’t walk so he rarely ever wears shoes…Only when my sister and husband go out with the kids.

Does anyone have any recommendations for yarns that are not derived from animals and incredibly warm and soft? I’ve so far only used cotton and acrylic yarns, and, while the acrylics can be warm, I’ve found a lot of them aren’t terribly soft. I like the Caron’s Simply Soft, but, I don’t know if that would be warm enough for him.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Silk can be very warm. Maybe a silk blend… :think:

I’m kind of stuck on

I hate feet
but do have a suggestion for you. Why not ask your sister what the socks he does have are made from, and see what she likes to put on him, if you don’t already know.

Um, why do you hate feet? We’d all be stuck (in place) without them~

I know you said you don’t use animal fibers, but there’s no getting around that wool will be the logical choice for socks to keep feet warm.

I don’t care much for acrylic sock yarn as acrylic doesn’t breath - but this could work to your advantage to keep the feet warm.

I’ve made socks out of acrylic and while they are warm at first, when your feet get sweaty they are no longer warm.

I just bought some bamboo sock yarn, it’s called On Your Toes Bamboo and it’s incredibly soft. It’s also made to be a sock yarn so patterns would be easier to find and bamboo it lovely and warm.

Sockina Cotton is really nice an it’s animal free. It’s so soft I love it. It’s discontinued but there’s people selling it on Raverly. They have a nice blue/purple colorway.

lol…Honestly, I have no idea why I hate feet…Not that they’re not useful, but feet are just one of those things I don’t like to see or touch…lol…Well, except when it comes to my kids…But like my hubby, he has nasty lookin’ feet with sharp 'ol toenails…Even when I was going to cosmetology school, I refused to give anyone a pedicure because the thought of touching someone else’s feet just grossed me out…lol

Oh, and, he currently wears just plain 'ol cotton socks from the store and those still aren’t warm enough for him. I think, due to his problems, he has problems with his blood circulation and that’s what causes his feet to be so cold and purple.

How about Maizy 82% corn fiber,18% elastic nylon. It’s very soft. Also you could try the Panda Cotton 59% Bamboo, 25%cotton,16%elastic nylon. They are both from Crystal Palace Yarns. You could use two strands if you wanted them to be extra thick.

Do you object to animal fiber because of personal reasons or are you allergic or sensitive? I think they lumped yarn like alpaca into the wool category, but from what I’ve heard from other knitters it’s extremely warm. I ask because so many yarns blends are blended with merino wool or some other wooly type yarns.

Bamboo is supposed to be extremely soft and insulating so it may be a good choice, too.

I don’t use animal fibers for personal reasons. I think I’m going to try the bamboo…it’ll also give me a reason to check out a relatively new LYS in my area…I’ve been there once, but, I didn’t have a lot of time to look around, and I went specifically for a Clover yarn cutter, plus, I have so much yarn as it is, I figured I better stay away…lol…However, this gives me the perfect excuse to go look for more yarn! Gee, DH, I don’t have any BAMBOO yarn! :teehee:

Bernat makes bamboo blend as well. It’s a chunky yarn so it would knit up quickly.

There are some organic yarns out there too…perhaps give them a try?

Good luck. I’m sure your sister and nephew will appreciate the kindness. :hug:

Went to my LYS yesterday and their selection of bamboo wasn’t very large at all…The girl said they had some on backorder but wasn’t sure when they would get it…She did, however, recommend another yarn and it’s so soft…For the life of me, I can’t remember the brand of yarn and I don’t feel like running downstairs to look at the label…lol…but, it’s an acrylic, nylon, cotton blend. Thank goodness I only needed one skein, that stuff wasn’t cheap! I’d love to go there all the time for my yarn, but, it’s rather pricey…I paid $15.50 just for one skein! But, it’s totally worth it for my nephew. Thank you all for your suggestions!