Yarn rec for the Summertime Tunic?

Here’s the pattern for those who don’t know it:
http://www.interweaveknits.com/freepatterns/tanks.asp - scroll down.

I like this top and think it would look great on me, but I’d like to do it in a silk-blend yarn. It is roughly five million degrees F pretty much every day all summer long where I live, and silk is usually a good fabric.

I’d also like to add drape to the top. I looked at a lot of the photos on Ravelry, and some of them look “homemade and not in a good way” in the words of one poster. A drapey-er yarn would help, I think.

So- drapey, silk-blend and, in deference to my grad-school budget, not too expensive? Any other ideas? Or, obviously, if you loved your yarn when you made the top, I’d love to see them!
Thanks y’all! B

I bookmarked this earlier today when I was looking for things made with RYC natural silk aran.

RYC has a soft bamboo that has a nice hand. It’s not silk, but I’ve heard that the bamboo is cool.

I’ve not made this top, but I was also going to suggest bamboo. Or hemp. I’ve been looking to use hemp (www.hempforknitting.com) for a top and saw this top in hemp at ralvery several times.

what does RYC stand for?:??