Yarn Questions!

Hello Everyone!!
I am looking at starting a dress, however the pattern calls for wool and I live in Arizona. I don’t think we ever get cold enough to wear that much wool!!:wink: Do you all have any any suggestions for a cooler fiber? Here is the link to the pattern I am wanting to make:

You could use Lion’s Cottonease, it’s a similar weight. The acrylic in it tends to make it somewhat warm for me, but you might be okay with it. If you’re making the long version to wear in the winter though, that may work out well for you.

I agree with using cotton.

You could also use a lighter weight yarn with the appropriate size needles, and make a larger size sweater (to get desired smaller size) so as to cut down on the bulk.

www.knitpicks.com has a light cotton/linen blend that might be suitable for the project.