Yarn questions

I have allot of baby yarn and was wondering what i could make with it other that baby clothes, or blankets. I was wondering if anyone has made adult socks using baby yarn.

Thank you in advance,


The “thing” about “sock yarn” that makes it “sock yarn” is the nylon content that adds ‘strength’ so that the heels, toes, and soles don’t wear out so quickly.

But you[I] could[/I] use the baby yarn for socks if the ‘gauge’ is spot on. The socks could wear out very quickly.

I’d baby yarn for scarves and shawls.

If it’s a color you’d want to wear, you can make lacey scarves and shawls with it. For lace, you go up 3 or 4 needles sizes larger than you’d use to make a sweater with.

You could try socks if it’s acrylic, go down a couple needle sizes for them.

You can use the yarn double stranded with 2 lengths worked as one. That would function the same as a thicker yarn. Making it heavy enough for sweaters.