Yarn questions

How much bulky wieght yarn for a men’s hat?

Has anyone bought/used Atacama Alpaca? How soft is it? The description says very soft, good for baby stuff. It is 100% alpaca. I tried the KP Decadence which is listed as Superfine Alpaca and I was not thrilled with it.


according to my yarn requirements thingy, based on 3 stitches per inch with a 23 inch circumfrence it is about 131 yards.

I made a women’s hat with very bulky yarn and used about 60 yards. I only needed 2 skeins to get the color changes. A man’s hat would probably go well into the second skein. I hope that helps you judge how much yarn you need.

I’ve also used Atacama Alpaca. I think its really soft. I haven’t tried Decadence, so I can’t compare the two. I have a picture of mittens I made with Atacama Alpaca on my blog.


THANKS! Know I feel better about placing an order.

Nice mittens! What size needle did you use? I wanted to order some to do a men’s hat, but I think it has too much of a halo for men’s wear - at least for my taste.


Hello out there in knitting land!!! Need help with yarn. Can any of you tell me what a good DK weight yarn and worsted weight yarn is? I only ever use wool but now I have a Daughter-N-Law who refuses to let her baby wear wool. Help??

You might get more responses if you post your question in a new thread.

There are so many different types of yarn that we probably need more information to help out. What is it about wool that your DIL opposes?


In one of her books, EZ emphasizes the importance of starting kids on wool early so they get used to it. :teehee: