Yarn question

Hi all. I am looking at a pattern for an “Irish Net Valance” and the yarn used was Naturally Caron Spa 75% microdenier acrylic 25% bamboo. My question is does anyone know what might be similar to this yarn that I might find at my LYS? What is different about “microdenier acrylic” and regular “acrylic.” Would maybe the drape if the curtain be different if I use a different type of yarn?

Thanks for any suggestions,

It would probably drape fine with a bamboo/acrylic blend. Not sure what yarn would work, something soft and dk.

Microdernier just means it’s a finer thread that’s used to make up the acrulic yarn. It will make it soft and contribute to the drape.

I suggest going to your LYS and telling them you’re looking for a DK weight acrylic bamboo blend. Also tell them what you are making and the characteristic you need in the yarn such as drape.

I knit with the yarn owners and employees of my LYS so I know from experience that info makes their job easier and more effective. It’s possible they won’t have what you need, but can suggest another fiber blend that might work for you.

And yay for you helping to keep them in business. :thumbsup: