Yarn question

Hi all,

Has anyone used SPA yarn? 75% Microdenier Acrylic and 25% Rayon from Bamboo…#3. Please let me know if you liked or disliked it and why. I am thinking of using it to make a sweater, it does not seem to pill or fray. Thanks for your help! :??

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You’re talking about the Naturally Caron Spa, right? I love, love, LOVE that yarn! Now I haven’t used it to knit a sweater, but I would think you’d be really pleased with it. It just depends on what you’re aiming for. I’ve also been using the NC Country yarn which is a different blend and heavier. One thing I found out very quickly was that I had to switch from metal needles to bamboo…The yarn was slipping and sliding far too much, (on the metal). The bamboo needles gave me much more control. Have you picked a pattern yet? I’m curious as to what you might have in mind. Jeanie

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Thanks so much for replying back.

Yes…the Naturally Caron SPA.

I am thinking about a sweater in the Creative Knitting Mag. January 2010 Smart Squares Sweater. Wanted something light to go on top of a black sweater.

Great to know about the Bamboo needles. I did a little knitting with the yarn last night and it did seem hard to control on the metal needles. I only have 1 skein so will have to decide if I want to use this yarn. I don’t know much about yarn at this point…it’s all very confusing.

There are so many things I want to knit and if I ever figure out how to put the right yarn with the right pattern I will be so happy.

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No better way to learn about a yarn than to play with a little… :wink:


Yep…that would be the truth.[/COLOR]

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Hi Bev!
I’m just wondering if you’ve made any decisions about your Spa yarn…think you’ll maybe use it for that sweater pattern you were talking about?
I’ve been using the Spa for lacy fingertip towels. Of course for decorative purposes only. (Don’t think they’d be very absorbent and besides they are far to pretty to let anyone touch. :teehee:) After I finish with making some for my bathrooms, I’m going to knit some up for Christmas gifts.
This morning I went to both Michael’s and Hobby Lobby looking for yarn. Found a yarn I’ve never bought before, but it’s kinda/sorta similar to NC’s Spa…It’s Patons Silk Bamboo: 70% Viscose from Bamboo & 30% Silk. Already been “playing” with it and love the way it knits. Also love the feel which I think is soooo important.
Now here’s the big difference between the two. Here in TX where I shop for yarn, the Spa is $4.99 per skein, (251 yds). The Patons is also $4.99 per skein, but you only get 102 yds.
I know it can be difficult deciding on which yarn for which project. Let me know how you’re coming along! Jeanie

I bought the silk bamboo at Joann’s during one of their coupon madness weeks, so they were about $3 each. But yeah, the Spa is a much better deal yardage wise.