Yarn Question

I am crocheting a blanket in the round with worsted weight yarn. I ran out of one color, so I bought another skein, but I accidentally picked up Sport weight.

How horribly will this mess up my blanket if I add it the next time I add this color?

It’s much thinner than worsted, so those rounds may be smaller and pull in more unless you add a lot more stitches to compensate. Exchange it for a worsted weight, it’ll be a lot less trouble.


I agree with Sue, either you would need to use two strands of sport weight to equal the worsted weight, or you would need to increase your hook size with a single strand of sport to maintain the same guage (both stitches per inch and also rows per inch)! That would make the sport weight rows look more lacy, but I don’t think it would match the look of the rest of the blanket.

If you like the sport weight, you could use it for socks and buy worsted new weight for the blanket. (Yes, just an excuse to increase your yarn stash.) :wink:

–Jack :guyknitting: