Yarn Question

I just my first yarn from Knit Picks, it’s also my first yarn that’s a ball, (really it’s more like a donut). How do I use it? I know a hank I put on my swift, and skien pull from the center… are these balls center pull?

It’s Andean Silk http://www.knitpicks.com/Andean+Silk+Yarn_YD5420126.html

Thanks so much!

So far I’ve only used KP Palette but it’s wrapped the same way. Yes they are center pull, but on some I’ve had to pull out a chunk from the middle to find the end. The yarn vomit hasn’t been too bad.

I’ve been rewinding my knitpicks balls. I’ve only used one and managed to tangle it up. I have one of their ball winders so it’s easy. I’m sure it’s not necessary, though.

Just run your finger around the center groove of that skein until you find an end. There’s one in there somewhere. Take the label off first…

I had a Cascade 220 Superwash that was wound the same way and I used it from the outside in – that worked out really well!