Yarn Question

I have the pattern for the Stella sweater from Berroco. It is a lace pattern. The pattern calls for Smart Cotton Yarn by Berroco. It says to use size 7 needles. The gauge is 20sts=4". I would like to use a different yarn that I have, and I do not know if it is suitable. It is Linen Isle, 50% cotton, 30% Rayon, and 20% linen. It says to use size 6 needles, and 5 sts=1 inch. If this is not suitable, can you think of something off hsand that is, that I can just get at the store instead of my LYS?? I am shopping on a budget right now. THANK YOU!!!

If I were you I would make up a swatch from the yarn you chose… Then see if you like the looks and feel of it, and go from there :slight_smile:

I would think if the gauge is correct and you like the drape, then there is no reason it won’t work. Again swatch, swatch, swatch.

Try out the yarn in the needles the pattern calls for. It may work.

Thanks Ladies!!!

Ok, I’m going to go against the grain here and say if you’re looking for a lace effect, I would either use a larger needle with the yarn you want to use or use a thinner yarn. Reason being if you look at the two gauges, the original yarn needs 20 sts to make 4". The yarn you want to use only needs 5 sts to make 4". That’s a lot thicker yarn and I’m not sure it’d make the lace effect you want. That being said, you may like the drape in the thicker yarn anyway. Swatch away and see what you get.

Actually it was 5 stitches to 1". That’s the same as 20 stitches to 4". So the yarns are roughly the same weight.

Ooops. That’s what I get for reading fast. Everything I said, nevermind.:doh: