Yarn question

I have decided that I want to make myself a scarf. I have also decided that I do not want to use Red Heart. I would like to know what all of you think the best yarn to use for a scarf would be? I want something soft that I will like to wear…
Thanks for suggestions!

I like the looks of Elegance, Vacation, Suri Dream, Get Away and Decadence is my FAVORITE from KnitPicks.com. You can find the link here right on the site. Make sure you click thru from here, puhlease!

The possibilities are really endless…if you want something relatively inexpensive, a nice merino wool might work (knit picks has that for a good price)…or if you want to endulge, you could splurge for a cashmere blend…oooohhhh, damn, the lys is closed, i need to go touch some soft yarn…I would just go to the yarn store or craft store and start fiberbating, and when something grabs you (hopefully yarn), there you go.

I just got a skein of Decadence in my Knitpicks order today and it is sooooo wonderful – perfect scarf yarn, IMHO! :smiley:

Ohh, I want to see it when you’re done! I bet its lovely. Tell me more about it, how does it feel? When Should I expect it in the mail? I mean, how does it knit up? Where are the pictures? You got my address, right?


It’s so lovely…I haven’t knit with it yet as it came today, just as party guests were arriving! And they just left a short while ago! I’m hoping to wind and swatch tomorrow…I’m tempted to sleep with this yarn, it is so yummy…

If you sleep with it, won’t it get bed yarn? hehe