Yarn question

I am about to do my first BIG project for my mother who lost her sight and tough, however she saved a pattern from March 1987 WOMEN’S Day “101 Sweater and Craft Ideas” I would like to make the sweater, however, it calles for Reynolds Kitten yarn (I can’t find that animal around.) The yarn I purchased (because I liked it) is Plymouth worsted weight. I did a gauge on #8 needles and I don’t = out. I fall short by 1 inch. It says: 4 stitches equal 1 inch (in stockinette st on No 8 needles). Please, WHAT SHOULD I DO? Thanks[size=6][/size]

can you change the needles enough to make the gauge match?

A worsted weight yarn should be 4.5 to 5 stitches to 1 inch. What Plymouth yarn are you using? Is it Encore? Try knitting a swatch on size 9 or 10 needles to increase your gauge. However, this might result in a looser fabric. Make sure you like the feeling of it before knitting a whole sweater. :slight_smile:

If the pattern asks for a gauge of 4 sts to 1 inch, that’s a heavy worsted or aran weight yarn.

Thanks to all who responsed. I used a #9 needle to try the gauge, and that was still still too small. I am using the Plymouth Encore. I like the results from the swatch I did on #9, I think 10 would be too loose for my Mother to get real warmth from it.

What is aran weight yarn?

what about doubling the yarn? will likely make for a pretty thick sweater but that isn’t all bad? of course you would need to buy more yarn then.

did you find anywhere that said what the gauge for the other yarn is?

Aran weight yarn is just a bit thicker than worsted, and yields a gauge of 4 sts per inch or 16-18 sts per 4 inches.

You could try waht Brenda suggested… doubling the yarn, but you’ll probably need a smaller needle to keep the gauge down.

When you’re substituting yarn, this site might be helpful:

My current project is an aran sweater that is knitting up at a smaller gauge and is a pain to knit with the adjustments in width and height.

Good luck.


I had an idea–if you have the Plymouth and double strands are too thick, maybe you can get the Plymouth Encore dk in the same or a matching color. That would be like increasing you yarn thickness by 1 1/2 rather than doubling it.