Yarn question

I don’t know if this is the right place but I’ll give it a shot. My mother is allergive to any kind of wool/mohair/cashmere, etc. I am making her a shawl and want it to be VERY soft. Was wondering what you would reccomend. 100% silk is very expensive (not that my mother isn’t worth every penny!) but if anybody had suggestions to more reasonably priced silks/cottons/acrylics that are very soft/lace weight that they have enjoyed working with i would greatly appreciate the feedback. TIA Cassi

:thinking: The only thing that comes to mind right now would be some type of Bernat baby yarn…it is super-soft and is acrylic.

Bump. Could really use some help. I want to do branching out for my mom, but can’t find a yarn that I like that isn’t some sort of animal. Anybody know of a good laceweight that is not too expensive that doesn’t contain wool, mohair etc.

Are you sure you want laceweight? The Branching Out pattern calls for a DK weight yarn…

In any case, if I was going to knit Branching Out for someone who was allergic to animal fibers, I’d use this yarn: http://www.sarahsyarns.com/TilliTomas.html It is sooooo wonderful…I know $20 a skein is steep, but the pattern does only call for one skein :smiley:

And here’s a DK cotton/rayon/silk blend…not too many colors available, but a very reasonable price: Filati Fantasia Cezanne