Yarn Question part 1

I have a question about a pattern in THIS issue of Simply Knitting. It is that chunky pink and white bag there in the little box there next to the beret and baby cardigan. Can someone tell me what yarn that is that they use in the pattern?

I have the magazine at home but i will forget to ask the part two question if i have to wait until i get home to ask what kinda yarn that is! (yeah i had little sleep last night! )

Yarn A is Patons Essence in Cherry Blossom, (006), 4x50g/62m and Yarn B is Patons Essence in Vanilla, (001), 4x50g/62m.

Thank you soooo much! Now for part 2 of my question. I can not tell really well from the pictures what kind of yarn this is. Is it just a chunky fuzzy yarn, is it kind of boucle, etc? Is there someone who has used it that can tell me so I can decide what i actually want to use for the bag?

Thank you thank you!

I don’t think it’s boucle’ per se, but just a fluffier wool.
Here’s it describes the fiber content and mentions an almost “felted” quality once knitted up.
My guess it would be sort of fuzzy like Lion’s “Jiffy” is only a thicker version.