Yarn Question... Knit Picks Memories

A while back, I bought Memories yarn (discontinued, Merino) to do a pattern they had for some felted house socks/slipper kind of thing. Well, I have since changed my mind and don’t want to do a felted item… but have been under the impression I would have to because of the type of yarn (and my ignorance of such)… well, it FINALLY occurred to me to check on Ravelry and see what other folks were doing with it (:doh:… I am slow).

I located a toe up pattern using magic loop for the Jaywalkers, and saw other folks were using this yarn for that pattern… ok, my question is, do I have to do anything special in care, will this felt no matter what? I am STILL lost when I try to figure out yarn characteristics and how it will behave in particular situations.


Wool needs heat and friction to felt. So, if you throw it in your washer in warm water or in your dryer, it will felt. If you hand wash it in cold water and lay it flat to dry, it won’t. Don’t worry, we all have to learn these things at some point! :slight_smile:

Thank you! I didn’t know if it was just based on the yarn, and would magically felt, no matter what! :slight_smile: