Yarn Question DK Cotton

I have a simple childrens jumper that I would like to knit for my 1yr old and 2 yrs old grand daughters, however the pattern calls for DK cotton and I am having a really tough time finding a pretty little girl color in Dk cotton, I could use a blue or pink or even peach color,

Please tell me if you have any leads…

Thanks, and Happy Knitting.

does it have to be 100% cotton? Brown Sheep’s Cotton Fleece is DK weight cotton/merino wool blend, and comes in TONS of girly colors. http://yarn.com/webs/0/0/0/0-1001-1294-1323/0/7/1112/

I believe Saucy cotton yarns has a DK…if it does you’ll be very happy because it comes in a billion colors.

What about Knitpicks Shine?