Yarn problems, help!

I began knitting last summer and knitted for quite a while before I became busy and had to stop. However, since it’s summer again, I decided that I would, again, begin knitting. However, I have an issue.

Once I began to actually knit after putting on the amount of, er, loopy things (I’m so sorry, I haven’t knitted for a year and forget the terminology) on the one needle, the yarn between the two needles after I move the first loopy thing onto the other needle stretches out. Before long, I have a long piece of yarn between the two needles.

I have no idea what is causing this. I don’t think it’s the yarn, because I tried two different brands of yarn and the same thing happened to each. Is it my needles? Something I’m doing wrong? Please help, as I’m trying to knit a scarf before it gets chilly so it would be good to start now. Thank you!


It’s not the yarn, it’s the Cast on you’re using. The simple loop cast on is easy, but after more than just a few sts it leaves the yarn looping. Try a different one, the knitted or cable are easy, long tail isn’t hard but takes some getting used to. Look at the Cast on videos for how to.

Thank you so much! I was doing the easy cast-on and now I’ll be sure to do a different one with help from the videos. Thanks again!


Having trouble with casting on other ways - which would you say is the easiest?


I learned the thumb version of long tail CO because I couldn’t do it one handed, so I think it’s really easy. But knitted is probably the easiest - what problems are you having?

Thank you very much. :yay: to you! I was watching the video and doing what was said, this is for long-tail, but it just didn’t work. The other videos don’t have somebody talking and they’re a bit quick, but I’m sure I’ll be able to figure out what to do from them after a few views.


unless otherwise stated in a pattern, i use the long tail cast on.

there are sooooo many cast ons. slinging on (looping) is the least desirable.

The videos will be getting easier when you take some practice with them.

there are nice videos by drops, too. they are without sound but they are very slow and soooo ZEN. It is a pleasure to watch them or work along with it the second time around. (and I love the look of that green yarn there)

long tail:

(my favorit)

cable cast on:

(a good and easy one I started using for some projects)

Thank you all! Using the knitted cast-on, I made a bookmark yesterday, and now I can make the scarf without having the looping issue. With your help, I’ll be :knitting: away!


Beginning the scarf now, thanks again for all the help!